[RANKING] 140411 Kim Jaejoong topped the List of “10 Best Ikemen in K-Pop Idol” by a Japanese Magazine


Love Jaejoong…<3 <3

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 10 Best Ikemen in K-Pop Idol:

1.- Kim Jaejoong (of JYJ)
2.- Kim Heechul (of Super Junior)
3.- Max Changmin (of Tohoshinki)
4.- Jung Yong Hwa (of CNBLUE)
5.- Donghae (of Super Junior)
6.- Taemin (of Shinee)
7.- Nichkhun (of 2PM)
8.- L (of Infinite)
9.- Ok Taecyeon (of 2PM)
10.- Kai (of EXO)

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 140409 ‘Triangle’ staff shares photos of Kim Jaejoong riding a motorbike in Gangwon

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[PHOTO] #mbc #트라이앵글 #이범수 #김재중 #임시완 촬영 D-1…#강원도 #정선 마지막 장소헌팅중… http://instagram.com/p/mfADaeOlTR
[TRANS] #mbc #Triangle #LeeBumSoo #KimJaejoong #ImSiwan Shooting D-1…#Gangwon #stop middle of last location hunting…

Note: Filming location is in Gangwon-do, it’s a province of South Korea, with its capital at Chuncheon.

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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 140407 Sungmin Jo Shares a Photo with Kim Jaejoong – Black hairstyle!


jae with black hair is very handsome…Jae ready to be the most handsome gangster…^__^

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[PHOTO] 무슨 일 있냐고 하면서 멋지게 달려와준 동생!! 감동~~ 항상 고맙다 재중아!! 내일부터 파이팅!! http://instagram.com/p/mfLijrBJMJ/
A handsome dongsaeng who always came running whenever I have a problem! I’m deeply moved~ Thanks always, Jaejoong-ah! Starting tomorrow, fighting!

JYJ3′s Note: According to Triangle’s staff, Kim Jaejoong will be filming all day tomorrow (via )

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