[OTHER FACEBOOK] 131107 NII Korea Update: Fan Event Behind-the-Scenes Photos + Suprise Event


NII & JYJ GIVE Fan Event Behind-the-Scenes – <including a suprise event>

NII & JYJ GIVE Fan Event was held successfully on November 6th at Seoul Convention.
Hallyu Star in the heart of Korean Wave! We can feel JYJ’s popularity!
1,000 fans attended the fanmeeting-style event; a scene of sympathy and mutual understanding was set through JYJ’s sincere talks with the guests.

A portion of proceeds generated from this fan event will be donated to Good Neighbors under the name of NII & JYJ.

There is also a behind-the-scene photo of JYJ with Comic Capsule’s Kim Kyung Wook & Kim Tae Hwan, taken in the waiting room!

<Surpise Event>
By clicking ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons, one winner will receive postcards signed by JYJ. One winner will be chosen through lottery.
Period: 2013.11.07 ~ 14

 photo 1452266_595620253808924_2116731711_n.jpg

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