[TWITTER] 131112 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update 2: Cashboxman + Selca


 photo 131112kjj3.png

[TRANS] Who is that ID ahjussi ‘cashboxman’? There are too many weird swindlers around -_- Attention-seeker weird ajuhssi, bye bye. Go back to your planet. Take a Kantapia violin (T/N what Dooly uses to return to planet Kantapia) and go away. If it’s not working, then take the backseat on E.T.’s bike and go away. Be thankful that I confront you lastly.


 photo 131112kjjtw4.png

[TRANS] Good night kkoleuleu ufun (*cute sounds*) ☆  

 photo BYz4iX_IgAEM-9P.jpg

Source: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: @Sheenathe6004
Shared by: JYJ3

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