[AUDIO + PIC] 131124 Kim Jaejoong on Yokohama FM “Radio Hits Radio”



Jaejoong’s nipples Talk: 
DJ: Fans said JJ is often half naked style recently. Are you training?
JJ: No, just skinny
DJ: (The album has) white image. its ur image of rock?
JJ: I wanted to show purity people have. free from bias, and can start again from 1.
JJ: The album has many half naked pics. my nipples are showing~ they are pink, right?
DJ: I can’t see them~so shy!
JJ: But I want you to see them! (show them to the DJ) ah! you see them? don’t see~ embarrassed hahaha
after his nipples talking(lol), DJ said ‘why are you blushing?’ to JJ. LOLz JJ: so embarrassed.. plz go next question!
DJ: You are trying various things. how do you feel? fun?
JJ: It’s fun for me challenging to new things and getting tense.
DJ: Today JJ wearing knit hat with ear. (Note: check photo below) it’s cute

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